Hi there. First, I have to admit I don’t like to write about myself.

But let me tell you a few words regarding who I am.

My name is Ed Smith (27 years old). I’m the one who created this blog.

A couple of words about me:

I love life.

I love my family (my wife and my baby).

I’m a health addict.

Hope you enjoy what I made for you.

I’m quite shy so I’m not attaching a photo of myself. However, believe me, i’m doing great.

My weight is 158 pounds, height 6 feet.

If it’s not enough for you, and you still want to see a photo of my fit torso,

you can always email me: info [at] bestweightlosspills.today



Also, if you have any decent ideas of how to improve my website or you have some portion of great content worth posting here, always contact me.